New Baby Discovered

Rah-Bop on Deviant Art

Above is posted the Caridina dwarf shrimp family tree. The reason I post this up is because…LOOK AT MY NEW BABY!


That is a blue bolt, an offspring, probably from a Golden bee and a black crystal.


Cool, I didn’t know you could do that!

Any surprises for your aquarium lately?


Quick Aquarium Update

Bucephalandra Dark Centipede in bloom

First of all, my Buce. Dark Centipede is in bloom. This was mentioned in an earlier post. It’s kind of a weird asymmetrical thing, and it only lasted a couple days, but beautiful anyway.

Secondly, I found my first baby crystal shrimp, probably a Golden Bee x Crystal Black.

Can you find him?? Yes that is a new peice of Buce Brownie Selena sulking….

I thought they had all been eaten because I know multiple shrimp have been berried, and then unberried a month later, and I’ve not spotted any little ones. This guy is probably a safe size from the fish I have in there now. Hopefully we will see more of them appear.

I think all of my Carbon Rilis are females, because all of them are huge, and I’m not seeing anyone berried…lame luck.

How successful are you with your dwarf shrimp in with fish?

aquatic acquisitions

12g Long 2/28/16

It was an exciting few days. My aquariums haven’t seen additions in a while…not surprising, seeing how it is quite full of fish and plants. However, sometimes there’s just something irresistible at the LFS.

Cryptocoryne sp. “Flamingo” There are some things that one thinks

German tissue cultures recently arrived at my LFS, which included some popular plants like UG  and montecarlo. It’s hard to get excited by it when you own low tech tanks…but I should be able to keep a Crypt alive right? The plants come in a little hospital jello cup. You can loosen the agar in some water and plant it right up. The Crypt Flamingo seems to be a solid clump, but other plants should be much easier to separate. In fact, the instruction just tells you to cut up the mass of plants to the portions you want. Can you spot the little pink plant in the 12g?

Emerald Dwarf Rasbora (Celestichthys erythromicron) still in LFS bag

The LFS also had Emerald Dwarf Rasboras (actually a Danio) hinding in with the celetrial pearl danio and the price wasn’t even on the tank yet. But due to my propensity to stare very closely at fish, I totally spotted them, and then I had to get them. They were a little expensive, but when are you going to ever see more, right????

Anyway, I took them home, and it turns out they are super fun to watch. They colored up and adjusted quickly. They are pretty aggressive eaters compared to their new tank mates, CPDs and dwarf corydoras. The cherry shrimp can be jerks though. It seems they like to swim around lower and with more of a wiggle than CPDs. They are about the same size, and share a giant mass of moss surrounding a sad Japanese temple ornament with no issues.

With that said, I had gotten 3, but I went back and got a couple more before they were spotted by other people.

If I had a bigger tank, I would have totally snatched up some celebes rainbows too. Those guys were purty.

Anything new lately at your local fish store that  you couldn’t pass up?


some blooms coming in the aquarium


Anubias barteri bud
the last bud

Surprisingly, my Anubias barteri decided to put out a bud one after another. I counted myself as lucky when I saw the first one. The bloom doesn’t last very long, only a few days, then it starts decaying, at which time I snipped it off. To my surprise, someone else decided to joing the party…

Can you spot the bud? It’s smashing up against a leaf. Bucephalandra Dark Centipede

These guys are under a light with minimal ambiant sunlight during the day. I have no idea when they know to flower…

How do they know when to flower?

my first serious endeavor

I was hooked on planted tanks very quickly after starting a 5g on a whim, and I just fell in love with the shape of a 12g long. It’s so small, but it looks so big 🙂


20150707_202225July 2015 just set up and my cat is already drinking out of it

20150708_181256After it cleared up. It seemed like I had bought a lot of plants, but when it was all in, it doesn’t look like much, does it?


20150823_162237August 2015 You can see the moss I put on the rock has grown…with HAIR ALGAE it was never a battle I was going to win and it eventually came out.

TANGENT ALERT!!!  My initial shipment of plants from Jacobs Aquarium was in general okay. The prices were comparably reasonable, especially when you calculate shipping. However the portions tended to be small, and the site doesn’t tell you how big your portion will be. The anubias had adequate leaves; the swords were a good size; java fern and Crypt wendtii were baby sizes; THE DWARF SAGGITARIA IS ONE NODE (2.99). The java moss had a reasonable portion, but came a bit sad and brown. It took a while to perk up, the lights were kind of strong for plain ole’ moss, and TADA! ALGAE.

Since then, I acquired a WHOLE 6 months of low tech planted tank under my belt! Now I get my plants from my LFS guy, Kris @ Lotus Aquarium, and my special things from forums. I have had a good experience with Han Aquatics. He has interesting plants for reasonable prices, and they all came healthy.

20151121_182131Nov 2015  the floaters have really taken off at this point. My LFS gave me literally (not literally as in figuratively) a few pieces of frogbit and dwarf water lettuce, and at this point, I’m already giving him back a hand full every 1-2 weeks.


20160103_180913Jan 2016 My tank now. status post battling algae (including the dreaded BGA)…I’ve won the battle but is it the war?

See, it’s grown 🙂

Tell me about your first serious endeavor.