LA Arboretum Intercity Cactus and Succulent Show Haul


The LA arboretum Intercity Cactus and Succulent show was really fun despite the heat, and it was hard to refrain from spending too much!

Left: Haworthia parksiana; Right: Haworthia cooperi var truncata

As you know, I am always on the look out for Haworthias at shows. It was hard to choose between all of the babies, but I ended up with Haworthia parksiana, which has a very interesting look (it’s so TINY) and Haworthia cooperi var truncata, which I’ve been looking for forever. I prefer the latter green though, so it is currently hanging out in the shade.

Left:Crassula “Garnet Lotus” Right: Crassula “Morgan’s Beauty”

Another that I’ve been looking for forever is Crassula “Morgan’s Beauty.” I love the wide flat leaves; it’s so weird. I also found this beautiful red one, Crassula “Garnet Lotus.” I couldn’t put it down. There isn’t very much information on it because it is pretty new cultivar, so it will be interesting to see how it grows out. Currently it looks like a lotus 😉

Left: Sinningia Leucotricha Right: Echinocereus rubuspinis. 

Recently I’ve been getting into gesnariads, so this Sinningia leucotricha was very intriguing. If anyone has any tips though, it would be much appreciated. The leaves got a little limp and I’ve only watered it once. The caudex is firm though, so I am not too worried. I wonder if it’s just going into dormancy with the shortening days, although it hasn’t actually gotten very cool yet. I guess we will see how it goes…

Echinocereus rubispinus was in everyone’s trays, and I understand why. It’s pink little head is so cute!

Have you had a spree lately at a show?


LA Arboretum Intercity Cactus and Succulent Show 8/13-14/16

inside LA Arboretum Greenhouse

I had originally given up on going to this show because I was at work Saturday until Sunday at noon. But I saw all the cool things people found at the sale on Facebook (Succulent Infactuation Group), that I had to go. I just had my husband drive me (driving under the sleepiness is not good either).

Here are some scenes of the LA arboretum. It was extremely hot, but I paid for it, so I had to look around. It was totally worth it, if not for the plants, at least for the peacock colony there. Seeing baby peas following their mothers around was awesome…so awesome that I didn’t even bother to take my camera out because I was too busy watching them walk around.


LA arb

Of course, the main event was the cactus show!


Look at those giant balls/clumps of Dyckia!


The show had some awesome specimens. If you have a chance to go, it is totally worth it to take a look around the arboretum, as well as the Intercity Show; and you can buy some cool plants too.

Next post, I will show off my purchase! Were you there too? I saw some pictures posted on it on instagram!



LACSS show and sale haul and mini succulent update

Haworthia truncata var lime green

It’s amazing how much money you can spend in a mere hour walking around a succulent/cactus show. Unlike orchid shows, it is so easy to impulse buy because prices are usually quite affordable unless you are in search for a rare collectible. And of course, I had my eye out for haworthias. Above is Haworthia truncata var lime green . I love the green contrasts with the windows.

Left above: Haworthia retusa var chocolate; Left below: Hawothia cymbidiformis variegated; Right above: Haworthia truncata var lime green; Right below: Haworthia “Hurricane” 

Above are the haworthias I purchased on this shopping spree. Haworthia retusa “chocolate” was one of the ones I had to forgo at the Long Beach show because I had no cash, but now I have one! I already have 2 varieties of H. cymbidiformis, but this Haworthia cymbidiformis variegated was so cute. Hopefully the pups will stay true, it is already making a couple weeny pups hidden under the leaves. And the last one is certainly an interesting looking one, Haworthia “hurricane,” unknown parents.

Left: King Ferdinand Agave; Middle: Rebutia kupperiana; Right: Euphobia Obesa

I did get some other interesting things. During the south bay show, I bought a Agave Victoriae-Reginae, as I was on the look out for the unique white markings. Unbeknownst to me, she has some close relatives/varieties, like this Agave fernandi-regis.

When I became interested in succulents, I was not very interested in Cacti because they seemed to all look the same, and you don’t seem to have the satisfaction of watching them grow because they are so slow. But after seeing cactus flowers, I was hooked. Rebutia are particularly floriferous. This little Rebutia kupperiana had so many buds on it. It soon flowered later in the week…

Rebutia kupperiana

Isn’t she beautiful?

The last plant is Euphobia obesa, which is apparently slow growing and flowers are not showy, but it does have wonderful markings on it.

Since we are on the subject, plants that I already own are growing slowly and surely too!

Remember my cactus garden?

My Echinopsis domino has been blooming, 2 flowes so far, and the last should be blooming tonight. Blooms are extremely large for the size of the plant, but they only last about 12 hours. they will start overnight, and hang around in the morning, but by afternoon, it will be gone. As you can see from the plant, these giant blooms really take a lot of energy out of the plant.



in the same pot, this Echinocereus reichenbachii also bloomed for me. I bought it at the south coast cactus show. It was a very delicate but vibrant pink.

cactus bloom

And lastly, my NoID stapelia is working slowly but surely on it’s flower. I wonder what it will turn out to look like…


Can you find the little bud?

succulents sometimes grow so slowly that you often don’t notice, but they do! When you look back on your old photos, you will find the fruits of your hard work!

whiteghost growth
Haworthia “white ghost”

I bought this Haworthia “White Ghost” at the south coast show.

What has been blooming in your garden?







Above is my humble haworthia collection. As you can see, my favorites are the ones with windows 🙂

I’m always on the look out for different varieties. I have gotten them at local garden centers, big box stores, our local botanic garden store, and even IKEA. It was no different at the Long Beach Cactus and succulent society show and sale. It was a small marketplace with local sellers and collectors, so unfortunately most stands did not take credit card, and I had only $5 in cash…so sad

I somehow managed to buy two plants…


This is, from Left to Right, Haworthia pygmea and Haworthia magnifica var paradoxa. There were others, but I couldn’t afford it…haha. Hopefully I will run into these varieties again. I think the H. pygmea will be more attractive when it greens up a little, so we can see the textures a bit better. It doesn’t help that its against the crushed lava rock, which is the same color.

Succulents is such a heterogeneous group and the plant’s are often not even very related to each other. It is definitely a great example of convergent evolution. What’s your favorite succulent genus?


Southern California Spring Garden Show: Part I


The Southern CA garden show was done at the South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa. So basically, it was just a mall full of plants!!! –>which I found even harder to manage the wallet than the Santa Barbara Orchid Show because it also included other plants I loved. There was tons of orchids and succulents and even some carnivorous plants. There were cool specialty niches that I have not broken into yet like epiphyllums (orchid cactus), african violets, irises, pelargoniums, and a variety of outdoor garden shrumbs and annuals.

As you can see, I may have spent a lot, but I also showed a lot of restraint 😉


Here we go…I guess we can ease into the bulk of the purchases, the orchids…


Here is a stick I bought…actually a plumaria cutting, Plumaria “Guillot Sunset“. I’ve been wanting to try one after watching videos about them on youtube :/ I know, peer pressure. But they are usually so expensive all rooted and potted. This one stall at the show was selling a whole 8 feet of them (you can see it above in the first picture) from 6-20 dollars! Most of them in the 6-10 dollar range. So that was a score. It is not sitting in a plastic bag with moist peat…home it will root soon.



I also spotted some haworthias, and i picked up 2 (I had to limit myself somewhere D:). These are (top) Haworthia decipiens and (bottom) Haworthia tessellata. Look at those awesome windows. I love haworthias.

Probably too many pictures already. I will do the orchids in the next post.




South Bay Cactus and Succulent Show Haul


The first thing you saw when you entered the room was this hawothia table that made me go O_O and then leave all of my cash there. I didn’t get all the ones I wanted because I would have been broke, but I settled on these three…

Left: Haworthia ‘white ghost’; Top Right: Haworthia cymbidiformis v. ramosa; Bottom: Haworthia truncata hybrid

As you can see I love haworthias with windows! I actually already have a Haworthia cymbidiformis, but it is the variegated form. I love how lime green this variety was.

I also got some cactus that I thought looked interesting, but I really don’t know any specifics. I kind of treat the all the same, I water when soil is bone dry…

Left: Cereus Peruvianus montrose; Top Right: echinocereus reichenbachii; Top Right: Rebutia Marsoneri

Cactus certainly are strange looking. I’m starting to get into them more, but they’re awfully slow growing. I got two of them today, one from the grocery store and the other from a local garden center.

Left:echinopsis domino; Right: NOID

So many Cacti in bud! I’m so excited 🙂 I made a planter, so they weren’t just randomly sitting on the floor outside in their plastic pots. I was starting to look like a hoarder…



Lastly, I also got an Agave Victoria-Reginae, which grows up to be a beautiful plant, and a Crussula Dorothy. I love the architectural look the Agave develops.

Left: Agave Victoria-Reginae; Right: Crussula Dorothy

ohohoh…I also got an Adenium arabicum. Hopefully it goes well, the leaves are already getting bigger…

Adenium arabicum

On a side note, there are some cacti blooming 🙂 They are always so impressive…



These are Chamaelobivia ‘rose quartz’ and a NOID mammillaria.


Any cool purchases lately at cactus shows?? Show season is certainly in full swing now!