Gesneriad News: You win some, you lose some.

Primulina “Rachel”

Some months ago, I ordered from Violet Barn after watching a Bill and Plantznthings unbox and grow a bunch of gesnariads. Other than African violets, the other genera aren’t that easy to find in your average garden center, and I missed the all the African Violet shows in the area for the year. So I made an order at The Violet Barn. The plant’s were all in excellent condition.


Left: Primulina Rachel; Middle: Sinningia Ozark “Purple Zebra”; Right: Primulina Nimbus

I love the Primulinas with the variegated leaves, and it was a plus to have pretty flowers too. P Rachel came with a flower, and buds, but they blasted with the move. However these two grew nicely and are producing new flower stalks.

Top: Primulina Rachel; Bottom: Primulina Numbus. 

In fact, Primulina Rachel bloomed again! Yay!

Primulina Rachel

However, I was really dumb, and ripped the top off of the Sinningia. It soon started new baby shoots.

Sinningia Ozark Purple Zebra

Unforunately, they all started kind of drying up. I thought maybe they weren’t getting consistent enough moisture, so now it is in a non glazed clay pot with no drainage hole that is sitting in a tray of water…aka home-made self watering pot. We will see how it goes. Maybe I should start over?

Maybe not? After all, my Sinningia leucotricha dropped all of it’s leaves when I got him, and now is dormant….at least I hope it’s dormant, and not just plain dead. Sinningia leucotricha is way more seasonal than the little miniature Sinningias though.

I also have a NOID that is reblooming for me again. I feel like the flowers are darker and and slightly larger now that the weather is cooler.


I have one other large NOID that has been rotting old leaves like crazy. I’m thinking I might have bottom watered it too long one day and now the roots are kind of unhappy. Maybe it will recover? My 4 miniature ones are in vegetative growth now or producing new buds.

I don’t know…Strangely, I feel like I have a better success rate with orchids. I thought these were supposed to be easier!