A Little Orchid Update


Recently, the orchids have been mostly growing, but there has been a few blooms. More exciting, my husband bought me the above book, The New Encyclopedia of Orchids by Isobyl la Croix. It is kind of pricey as these kinds of books are, which is why one obtains it for a special occasion. It is beautiful to look at with all of the colored pictures, but some don’t have pictures, which is a little sad if you’re doing some targeted research. There is a blurb on each orchid about the appearance and elevation of habitat, and a short background on environment and culture for each genera. Most of the time, I’m looking for a little more information on culture and sometimes I think there should be more species included in more popular genera, like Vandas. I appreciate the lesser known ones also, but I feel like the more commercially available ones are the ones people will be looking for information for.

Left: top: NOID oncidium, middle: NOID Dendrobium Phal, Bottom: Makili-Curtisii maudiae x maudiae “Napa Valley”; Right: NOID miniature Phalaenopsis

On a different note, I have also recent acquired a couple of new plants. One is the first cattleya I’ve ever found at Trader Joes,  Blc Aka’s Aloha ‘Dream Dust’. The other has been a species Phal I have been eyeing, and I ended up getting it off of ebay, Phalaenopsis deliciosa. I love the ripples in the leaves. Also a plus that it is a miniature. It has a little keiki and a nubbin of a spike. Hopefully the spike will make it.

Left: Phalaenopsis deliciosa; Right: Blc Aka’s Aloha ‘Dream Dust’

Of course, greenery is still growing and there are some spikes developing! My Oncidium Twinkle “pink profusion” has been working on its 5 spikes forever and my Phalaenopsis bellina seedling is working on 2 spikes…very slowly. There are new growths going all around, and some good root porn 😉

Encyclia cordigera new roots

What are your orchids doing? Is it blooming season in your home or just plain growing?

Happy growing!






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