Orchid Update July 2016


It’s been a while since a little update because I’ve been pretty busy, but things have been blooming!

Paphiopedilum (Supersuk ‘Eureka’ AM/AOS x Raisin Pie ‘Hyinying’) x sib

Above is Paphiopedilum (Supersuk ‘Eureka’ AM/AOS x Raisin Pie ‘Hyinying’) x sib, a nice paph I got from Trader Joe’s last year. This is the first Paph I’ve rebloomed, and I was really excited. It took a long time to develop, but paph blooms last a long time. While it is not in bloom, I can also enjoy the nice foliage. I have another alba paph that is working on a bud, so you will see it in some weeks.



The next exciting bloomer is this NOID Miltoniopsis. IMG_20160703_160827.jpg

Last year, it didn’t do so well from a combination of things. It was too hot and I didn’t know what I was doing. It did spike, but the blooms did not open all the way or just blasted. This year, it developed during a time that was relatively cool. I did have a spike blast due to the recent heat in Southern California, but 6 out 7 spikes is pretty good 🙂


Neofinetia (Vanda) falcata Right: Fugaku Left:Kishuuryokufu

Neofinetia (Vanda) falcatas are blooming. I have 2 that have bloomed, and I am hoping I might get some more later this summer. The first that bloomed was variety Fugaku, which is a variegated variety with yellow margins, fukurin type. The second is Kishuuryokufu, which is supposed to be a green flowered variety. I remember last year, it opened green, and turned white. This time it was just white, but the buds were green right before blooming. I googled it, and apparently it depends on the temperatures it was grown in…well, that’s not really in my control is it? It’s a pretty flower anyway. Like all neos, they are fragrant at night.

NOID den x2

I have some dendrobiums in flower. The first is a Dendrobium phalaenopsis hybrid and the second a Dendrobium kingianum hybrid. The second was a surprise because it’s the second time this year in bloom!


Last but not least, my giant NOID Cattleya I bought from Armstrong’s some months ago. I got it 50% off because the buds blasted in transport. It was either going to be pink or white, and this is how it turned out. I thought I would have liked the pink better, but now I kind of like the pure white with the ruffles. It reminds me of a wedding dress.

Thanks for stopping by! I have some buds brewing soon and I have some other planty updates I haven’t gotten to too.

What’s been blooming at your house?




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