LA Arboretum Intercity Cactus and Succulent Show Haul


The LA arboretum Intercity Cactus and Succulent show was really fun despite the heat, and it was hard to refrain from spending too much!

Left: Haworthia parksiana; Right: Haworthia cooperi var truncata

As you know, I am always on the look out for Haworthias at shows. It was hard to choose between all of the babies, but I ended up with Haworthia parksiana, which has a very interesting look (it’s so TINY) and Haworthia cooperi var truncata, which I’ve been looking for forever. I prefer the latter green though, so it is currently hanging out in the shade.

Left:Crassula “Garnet Lotus” Right: Crassula “Morgan’s Beauty”

Another that I’ve been looking for forever is Crassula “Morgan’s Beauty.” I love the wide flat leaves; it’s so weird. I also found this beautiful red one, Crassula “Garnet Lotus.” I couldn’t put it down. There isn’t very much information on it because it is pretty new cultivar, so it will be interesting to see how it grows out. Currently it looks like a lotus ๐Ÿ˜‰

Left: Sinningia Leucotricha Right: Echinocereus rubuspinis.ย 

Recently I’ve been getting into gesnariads, so this Sinningia leucotricha was very intriguing. If anyone has any tips though, it would be much appreciated. The leaves got a little limp and I’ve only watered it once. The caudex is firm though, so I am not too worried. I wonder if it’s just going into dormancy with the shortening days, although it hasn’t actually gotten very cool yet. I guess we will see how it goes…

Echinocereus rubispinus was in everyone’s trays, and I understand why. It’s pink little head is so cute!

Have you had a spree lately at a show?


LA Arboretum Intercity Cactus and Succulent Show 8/13-14/16

inside LA Arboretum Greenhouse

I had originally given up on going to this show because I was at work Saturday until Sunday at noon. But I saw all the cool things people found at the sale on Facebook (Succulent Infactuation Group), that I had to go. I just had my husband drive me (driving under the sleepiness is not good either).

Here are some scenes of the LA arboretum. It was extremely hot, but I paid for it, so I had to look around. It was totally worth it, if not for the plants, at least for the peacock colony there. Seeing baby peas following their mothers around was awesome…so awesome that I didn’t even bother to take my camera out because I was too busy watching them walk around.


LA arb

Of course, the main event was the cactus show!


Look at those giant balls/clumps of Dyckia!


The show had some awesome specimens. If you have a chance to go, it is totally worth it to take a look around the arboretum, as well as the Intercity Show; and you can buy some cool plants too.

Next post, I will show off my purchase! Were you there too? I saw some pictures posted on it on instagram!



Orchid Update July 2016


It’s been a while since a little update because I’ve been pretty busy, but things have been blooming!

Paphiopedilum (Supersuk ‘Eureka’ AM/AOS x Raisin Pie ‘Hyinying’) x sib

Above isย Paphiopedilum (Supersuk ‘Eureka’ AM/AOS x Raisin Pie ‘Hyinying’) x sib, a nice paph I got from Trader Joe’s last year. This is the first Paph I’ve rebloomed, and I was really excited. It took a long time to develop, but paph blooms last a long time. While it is not in bloom, I can also enjoy the nice foliage. I have another alba paph that is working on a bud, so you will see it in some weeks.



The next exciting bloomer is this NOID Miltoniopsis.ย IMG_20160703_160827.jpg

Last year, it didn’t do so well from a combination of things. It was too hot and I didn’t know what I was doing. It did spike, but the blooms did not open all the way or just blasted. This year, it developed during a time that was relatively cool. I did have a spike blast due to the recent heat in Southern California, but 6 out 7 spikes is pretty good ๐Ÿ™‚


Neofinetia (Vanda) falcata Right: Fugaku Left:Kishuuryokufu

Neofinetia (Vanda) falcatas are blooming. I have 2 that have bloomed, and I am hoping I might get some more later this summer. The first that bloomed was variety Fugaku, which is a variegated variety with yellow margins, fukurin type. The second is Kishuuryokufu, which is supposed to be a green flowered variety. I remember last year, it opened green, and turned white. This time it was just white, but the buds were green right before blooming. I googled it, and apparently it depends on the temperatures it was grown in…well, that’s not really in my control is it? It’s a pretty flower anyway. Like all neos, they are fragrant at night.

NOID den x2

I have some dendrobiums in flower. The first is a Dendrobium phalaenopsis hybrid and the second a Dendrobium kingianum hybrid. The second was a surprise because it’s the second time this year in bloom!


Last but not least, my giant NOID Cattleya I bought from Armstrong’s some months ago. I got it 50% off because the buds blasted in transport. It was either going to be pink or white, and this is how it turned out. I thought I would have liked the pink better, but now I kind of like the pure white with the ruffles. It reminds me of a wedding dress.

Thanks for stopping by! I have some buds brewing soon and I have some other planty updates I haven’t gotten to too.

What’s been blooming at your house?