May Orchid buds

Top Left: NOID phal; Top Right: Masd. Angel Tears; Bottom Left: NOID Miltoniopsis; Bottom Right: (Supersuk ‘Eureka’ AM/AOSxRaisin Pie ‘Hsinying’) x self; RIght: NOID Den Phal

All my winter blooms have been slowly wrapping up, but the nice thing about owning different kinds of orchids is the next flush of blooms are slowly developing. I would have to say that watching them spike and bloom is more exciting then the ensuing weeks of flowering, not to say that is not pleasant as well. It is especially exciting when the spike is the first you’ve nurtured yourself 🙂

Neofinetia falcata var Fugaku Left, spike with developing buds, Right: different growth, but the spike started looking like that. 

In addition to the above, the neofinetias are also getting ready to spike. This is my first year with them, so I wasn’t sure if the growths were new keikis or spikes. What I found was they start out like tiny babies, but they turn out to be spikes!

What kinds of orchids are blooming at your house?



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