Above is my humble haworthia collection. As you can see, my favorites are the ones with windows 🙂

I’m always on the look out for different varieties. I have gotten them at local garden centers, big box stores, our local botanic garden store, and even IKEA. It was no different at the Long Beach Cactus and succulent society show and sale. It was a small marketplace with local sellers and collectors, so unfortunately most stands did not take credit card, and I had only $5 in cash…so sad

I somehow managed to buy two plants…


This is, from Left to Right, Haworthia pygmea and Haworthia magnifica var paradoxa. There were others, but I couldn’t afford it…haha. Hopefully I will run into these varieties again. I think the H. pygmea will be more attractive when it greens up a little, so we can see the textures a bit better. It doesn’t help that its against the crushed lava rock, which is the same color.

Succulents is such a heterogeneous group and the plant’s are often not even very related to each other. It is definitely a great example of convergent evolution. What’s your favorite succulent genus?



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