Southern California Spring Garden Show: Part III, the rest of the orchids

Iwanagara Appleblossom, unknown variety

Look! I got an Iwanagara Appleblossom! It is quite and impressive plant, and actually probably due for a repotting, but I will wait for some new growth before I do it. I have been wanting one of these to see what the hullabaloo is about, but unwilling to pay for a full grown plant+obscene shipping. But now I have one!, it does have a citrisy smell, and it’s pretty  pungent in the afternoon hours.

This is the second half of the orchid haul from the Southern California Flower show.  And take a look at the first half too!

Vanda (Varakorn x merillii) “Carmela”

Something else, I have been itching to try is a Vanda, but they all seemed to get so big. As you know, LA apartment living is not one might term spacious. At the show I got this mini,  V (Varakorn x merrillii) “Carmela”, that was already established in a bit with large grade media. She actually does have a mild fragrance. We will see how this one goes. She is living in the shade outside.


Encyclia Boricana x bractescens. This guy was one of the first I saw at the show, and I could not leave without it. As you might know, I recent fell in love with Encyclia cordigera, and this is like the more delicate version. It is also very fragrant in the afternoon, but the smells as delicate as it looks. I love the fat little pseudobulbs.


Sarcochilus are so much cuter in person than in pictures. I think it is because they don’t look very showy, but in person the details come out; delicate little flowers, fragrant, and such a compact plant (perfect for apartment growing). It also helps that it was only $15, I debated whether not to get it as I was 6 orchids in, but in the end I did. This plant was marked as “Sarcochilis falcata”, but I think it is mislabeled because Sarcochilus falcatus does not have the pink/red speckles. Also, I didn’t notice until I got home, but the older fan had some crown rot that is now dried, but the large fan is very healthy. It will still lend energy to the plant as a whole when it decides to make babies.

Have you found orchids on your wishlist at shows lately?



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