Southern California Spring Garden Show: Part I


The Southern CA garden show was done at the South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa. So basically, it was just a mall full of plants!!! –>which I found even harder to manage the wallet than the Santa Barbara Orchid Show because it also included other plants I loved. There was tons of orchids and succulents and even some carnivorous plants. There were cool specialty niches that I have not broken into yet like epiphyllums (orchid cactus), african violets, irises, pelargoniums, and a variety of outdoor garden shrumbs and annuals.

As you can see, I may have spent a lot, but I also showed a lot of restraint 😉


Here we go…I guess we can ease into the bulk of the purchases, the orchids…


Here is a stick I bought…actually a plumaria cutting, Plumaria “Guillot Sunset“. I’ve been wanting to try one after watching videos about them on youtube :/ I know, peer pressure. But they are usually so expensive all rooted and potted. This one stall at the show was selling a whole 8 feet of them (you can see it above in the first picture) from 6-20 dollars! Most of them in the 6-10 dollar range. So that was a score. It is not sitting in a plastic bag with moist peat…home it will root soon.



I also spotted some haworthias, and i picked up 2 (I had to limit myself somewhere D:). These are (top) Haworthia decipiens and (bottom) Haworthia tessellata. Look at those awesome windows. I love haworthias.

Probably too many pictures already. I will do the orchids in the next post.





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