Orchid Update Part 1: new growth and flowers


There are have been some new blooms in the last month. There have blooms that have even come and gone, and some pending. Above is one that opened just today! This guy, I bought when I went back to San Francisco for my wedding. I picked it up while scoping out the flowers available at the flower market (Yes, I was crazy and did my own flowers even though I had never done it before…which reminds me, I really do need to finish the wedding dress series). It was at home, aka parents’ house, and continued planning the week before the wedding…and my dad overwatered it and the the roots died…all of them.

Anyway, long story shot, I researched to save it, and I ended up filling the house full of orchids XD

Another recent bloom…

Slc Pure Love ‘Be mine’ HCC/AOS/Lc Spring Fives ‘lenette’. She’s an SVO acquisition. Very pretty. It’s hard to capture it in the photo, but her petals are deeper red, and the sepals just a little orangey. I am very happy with her.I didn’t know what she would look like, although a seedling of the same cross was in bloom as a sample, but I think it was a lighter, pinker flower.


And look! My Brassavola Nodosa that just finished blooming not too long ago is pushing buds out of it’s new leaf! On the side, an eye just woke up and it’s working on the next new growth:) On the right, I’m working on my first home grown paph spike!. (Makuli-Curtisii) maudiae x maudiae ‘Napa Valley’ HCC/AOS’

There has also been some development with my catasetum types. I am now spraying the moss to keep the humidity up so the roots don’t dry out. I’ve been also increasing the wetness as the roots grow. I think one of them is about to tolerate some full on watering, at which point I will move him outside.


The one on the left and right are Cycnoches warscewiczii ‘SVO’ AM/AOS x Cyc Martha Clarke ‘SVO’ AM/AOS. One of the was a freebie with my order from SVO! The one in the middle is Cycnoches warscewiczii ‘Jumbo mutation’ x Mormodes andreettae ‘SVO’. I love how the cycnodes (cyc x morm) is so fat. One of these flowered for last year (sent in bud), but the other 2 didn’t. Hopefully I will have better luck this year, since they will be bigger.


What’s growing in you house now?



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