South Bay Cactus and Succulent Show Haul


The first thing you saw when you entered the room was this hawothia table that made me go O_O and then leave all of my cash there. I didn’t get all the ones I wanted because I would have been broke, but I settled on these three…

Left: Haworthia ‘white ghost’; Top Right: Haworthia cymbidiformis v. ramosa; Bottom: Haworthia truncata hybrid

As you can see I love haworthias with windows! I actually already have a Haworthia cymbidiformis, but it is the variegated form. I love how lime green this variety was.

I also got some cactus that I thought looked interesting, but I really don’t know any specifics. I kind of treat the all the same, I water when soil is bone dry…

Left: Cereus Peruvianus montrose; Top Right: echinocereus reichenbachii; Top Right: Rebutia Marsoneri

Cactus certainly are strange looking. I’m starting to get into them more, but they’re awfully slow growing. I got two of them today, one from the grocery store and the other from a local garden center.

Left:echinopsis domino; Right: NOID

So many Cacti in bud! I’m so excited 🙂 I made a planter, so they weren’t just randomly sitting on the floor outside in their plastic pots. I was starting to look like a hoarder…



Lastly, I also got an Agave Victoria-Reginae, which grows up to be a beautiful plant, and a Crussula Dorothy. I love the architectural look the Agave develops.

Left: Agave Victoria-Reginae; Right: Crussula Dorothy

ohohoh…I also got an Adenium arabicum. Hopefully it goes well, the leaves are already getting bigger…

Adenium arabicum

On a side note, there are some cacti blooming 🙂 They are always so impressive…



These are Chamaelobivia ‘rose quartz’ and a NOID mammillaria.


Any cool purchases lately at cactus shows?? Show season is certainly in full swing now!




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