Nature in the Big City

Can you see the Hollywood sign?

Last weekend, we made a trip to Griffith park to visit the observatory and then down to the Palos Verdes rocky ocean side.

I’ve heard a lot about the crowded nature of Griffith park, and now I understand. We had to park a mile away from the observatory on the mountain roadside. At least enjoyed our mandatory walk.


I recommend going up to the Griffith Observatory. They have very interest exhibits that are interactive and explained very plainly. There is also no entrance fee! If you’re feeling adventurous, it is also open at night so you can look through their telescope.

While we were in Hollywood, I had to visit a garden center/nursery there, Mickey Hargitay Plants. They have some very interesting plants at good prices. I came here looking for a small pot of Ludisia discolor. They didn’t have a small pot, but there were larger pots, which I purchased.

And then to the PV coast…


We walked along the coast to the whaling museum, which was closed that day. But there were whale watchers; they keep track of all the sightings on a dry erase board that stands in an alcove of the small museum building.

If you ever visit Palos Verdes, it is also worth the trip to the beaches at reserves like abalone cove. They have some sand, but they also have really cool natural tide pools where you can find interesting creatures.


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