Carnivore Haul and a few updates too

Sarracenia Flava var cuprea

Last week I went to California Carnivores while I was in the SF Bay area. While I was there, I enjoyed their private collection, sweated in my sweater in their green house, and bought a few plants. I even got a few freebies as sometimes when carnivores get…frisky, they don’t have pot boundaries.

Sarracenia flava var cuprea and hitchhikers

I bought a small 4″ pot of Sarracenia flava var cuprea, which has a nice coppery top with enough light. I love how the flava has a heart shaped lid. I transplanted it to a 5 in pot when I got home. This little pot was a mini bog garden already. It had many flowering stalks of Utricularia bisquamata, a small Drosera capensis, multiple baby Drosera binata, and some mystery rosette Drosera.

I got a Drosera spatulata, my first rosette sundew. It’s supposed to pretty easy to care for. It came with a ton of U. bisquamata flowers.

P. cyclosecta

I resisted ordering a P. cyclosecta before my vacation because I knew I was going to make a visit to California Carnivores. I totally beelined to the ping section to pick it up. It is quite small, but it’s okay, pings grow pretty quickly when they’re happy.

P. esseriana

P. esseriana was not on the california carnivores website and it wasn’t on the ping tray, but on a whim I just asked if they had one…and THEY DID. Yay! It also came with some mystery sundews.

Speaking of tiny pings, my P. laueana has made great progress since receiving it 2 months ago…


The pot also grew a nice plush carpet of moss.

At a local San Francisco garden center, Sloat Garden Center, and I found some carnivores there. I bought this cute little Utricularia sandersonii.

U. sandersonii

This guy is so cute.

When I got back to LA, I made a visit to the local Armstrong’s Garden center for some neem oil spray, and (un)fortunately, I saw a mystery nepenthes there…and then I bought it. I assume it’s a N. ventrata.


And lastly, a little update on the sarracenias…The mystery rhizome from my California carnivores order is finally showing some pitchers.


I wonder what it is. It probably has some S leucophylla in it. It also makes phyllodia, which S leucophylla does not make. I wonder what it is. Best guess so far is either, Judith Hindle or Dana’s Delight, of which the latter is sold at California Carnivores. We will have to see what the more mature pitchers look like!

I’ve learned that vacation is very dangerous for my wallet. And also window space in the house is very quickly dwindling as there were also some orchid and succulent purchases.

Any idea on what the mystery sarracenia is?









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