Orchid Update #2: new orchids and repotting

Left top and bottom NOID Phal; Top middle: Enclyclia cordigera; Bottom Middle: Ludisia discolor; Right: 

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about my orchids, but that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped haording collecting…especially since I’ve been on staycation. You know what that means: it means you just have more free time to go to all the orchid places, and you inevitably buy things.


I’ve had a few trips to Trader Joe’s, and I’ve been looking for a white and pink Den Phal. I found the pink one first, but then I found the one I wanted, white one with the pink lip!

While I was in San Francisco, I visited a local garden center, where I found Encyclia cordigera. I have seen pictures before, but it really doesn’t do it justice.

Ludisia discolor has been on my list for a while, but I didn’t want a giant plant…but in the end I got a rather big pot. I got it at Mickey Hargitay Plants.

Lastly, I visited Orchid Fever and bought Masdevallia Cheryl Shohan ‘The Babe’. It is probably a cool growing one, but I bought it anyway, and will pray for the best in the summer…

On a different note, remember that Cymbidium I got a while ago?


Well, the flowers had gone over and I finally decided to repot it, especially since I noticed that a bunch of ants made their home in the pot. Repotting is the worst part of orchid keeping, especially when there are ants involved.

Honestly, I was getting a little worried because I only saw 1 new growth, but when I cleaned it up, there were a few that were ready to come up above the soil.


Does anyone else think that Cymbidium roots look like earth worms??? It kind of grossed me out.


I potted the cymdium in 1 part large bark, 1 part peat, and 1 part perlite.



What’s your least favorite part of keeping plants?



Orchid Update Part 1: new growth and flowers


There are have been some new blooms in the last month. There have blooms that have even come and gone, and some pending. Above is one that opened just today! This guy, I bought when I went back to San Francisco for my wedding. I picked it up while scoping out the flowers available at the flower market (Yes, I was crazy and did my own flowers even though I had never done it before…which reminds me, I really do need to finish the wedding dress series). It was at home, aka parents’ house, and continued planning the week before the wedding…and my dad overwatered it and the the roots died…all of them.

Anyway, long story shot, I researched to save it, and I ended up filling the house full of orchids XD

Another recent bloom…

Slc Pure Love ‘Be mine’ HCC/AOS/Lc Spring Fives ‘lenette’. She’s an SVO acquisition. Very pretty. It’s hard to capture it in the photo, but her petals are deeper red, and the sepals just a little orangey. I am very happy with her.I didn’t know what she would look like, although a seedling of the same cross was in bloom as a sample, but I think it was a lighter, pinker flower.


And look! My Brassavola Nodosa that just finished blooming not too long ago is pushing buds out of it’s new leaf! On the side, an eye just woke up and it’s working on the next new growth:) On the right, I’m working on my first home grown paph spike!. (Makuli-Curtisii) maudiae x maudiae ‘Napa Valley’ HCC/AOS’

There has also been some development with my catasetum types. I am now spraying the moss to keep the humidity up so the roots don’t dry out. I’ve been also increasing the wetness as the roots grow. I think one of them is about to tolerate some full on watering, at which point I will move him outside.


The one on the left and right are Cycnoches warscewiczii ‘SVO’ AM/AOS x Cyc Martha Clarke ‘SVO’ AM/AOS. One of the was a freebie with my order from SVO! The one in the middle is Cycnoches warscewiczii ‘Jumbo mutation’ x Mormodes andreettae ‘SVO’. I love how the cycnodes (cyc x morm) is so fat. One of these flowered for last year (sent in bud), but the other 2 didn’t. Hopefully I will have better luck this year, since they will be bigger.


What’s growing in you house now?


South Bay Cactus and Succulent Show Haul


The first thing you saw when you entered the room was this hawothia table that made me go O_O and then leave all of my cash there. I didn’t get all the ones I wanted because I would have been broke, but I settled on these three…

Left: Haworthia ‘white ghost’; Top Right: Haworthia cymbidiformis v. ramosa; Bottom: Haworthia truncata hybrid

As you can see I love haworthias with windows! I actually already have a Haworthia cymbidiformis, but it is the variegated form. I love how lime green this variety was.

I also got some cactus that I thought looked interesting, but I really don’t know any specifics. I kind of treat the all the same, I water when soil is bone dry…

Left: Cereus Peruvianus montrose; Top Right: echinocereus reichenbachii; Top Right: Rebutia Marsoneri

Cactus certainly are strange looking. I’m starting to get into them more, but they’re awfully slow growing. I got two of them today, one from the grocery store and the other from a local garden center.

Left:echinopsis domino; Right: NOID

So many Cacti in bud! I’m so excited 🙂 I made a planter, so they weren’t just randomly sitting on the floor outside in their plastic pots. I was starting to look like a hoarder…



Lastly, I also got an Agave Victoria-Reginae, which grows up to be a beautiful plant, and a Crussula Dorothy. I love the architectural look the Agave develops.

Left: Agave Victoria-Reginae; Right: Crussula Dorothy

ohohoh…I also got an Adenium arabicum. Hopefully it goes well, the leaves are already getting bigger…

Adenium arabicum

On a side note, there are some cacti blooming 🙂 They are always so impressive…



These are Chamaelobivia ‘rose quartz’ and a NOID mammillaria.


Any cool purchases lately at cactus shows?? Show season is certainly in full swing now!



South Coast Cactus and Succulent Society Show and Sale


Last weekend was the South Coast Cactus and Succulent Society’s show and sale. They had it in a convention area at the South Coast Botanic Gardens, which lucky for me only a few miles from where I live! YAY!


Although, it looked like a small event, there was no issues finding things you would like. I had no trouble spending money there…succshow1

Unlike what one might think, the prices are the show were actually very competitive even to big chain stores, but of course, the selection is much better here.

Here is my box of things…20160409_144307

I will talk about them on the next post 🙂

Nature in the Big City

Can you see the Hollywood sign?

Last weekend, we made a trip to Griffith park to visit the observatory and then down to the Palos Verdes rocky ocean side.

I’ve heard a lot about the crowded nature of Griffith park, and now I understand. We had to park a mile away from the observatory on the mountain roadside. At least enjoyed our mandatory walk.


I recommend going up to the Griffith Observatory. They have very interest exhibits that are interactive and explained very plainly. There is also no entrance fee! If you’re feeling adventurous, it is also open at night so you can look through their telescope.

While we were in Hollywood, I had to visit a garden center/nursery there, Mickey Hargitay Plants. They have some very interesting plants at good prices. I came here looking for a small pot of Ludisia discolor. They didn’t have a small pot, but there were larger pots, which I purchased.

And then to the PV coast…


We walked along the coast to the whaling museum, which was closed that day. But there were whale watchers; they keep track of all the sightings on a dry erase board that stands in an alcove of the small museum building.

If you ever visit Palos Verdes, it is also worth the trip to the beaches at reserves like abalone cove. They have some sand, but they also have really cool natural tide pools where you can find interesting creatures.

Spring is at the Getty Gardens


Recently, I visited the Getty with a friend. The Getty is not only an excellent museum that is free to the public (parking is not),  they have an excellent garden. Spring has definitely arrived, and the flowers are all in bloom!


They sell a book at the bookstore that talks about the making of the gardens and has all the identification of the plants with culture information. Plants in the Getty’s Central Garden.

The hardscape is also very interesting. This is the flower maze/hedge that sits in the pool that the waterfall empties into.


I especially like the bougainvilleas that they planted inside tree like trellises. They hang down at the top. They look like old specimens as the trunks are quite thick. They also have a side succulent garden that you don’t walk into, but you can see it from the balconies in the museum.



Overall, it’s a wonder place to visit if you ever make a trip to Los Angeles California.

Carnivore Haul and a few updates too

Sarracenia Flava var cuprea

Last week I went to California Carnivores while I was in the SF Bay area. While I was there, I enjoyed their private collection, sweated in my sweater in their green house, and bought a few plants. I even got a few freebies as sometimes when carnivores get…frisky, they don’t have pot boundaries.

Sarracenia flava var cuprea and hitchhikers

I bought a small 4″ pot of Sarracenia flava var cuprea, which has a nice coppery top with enough light. I love how the flava has a heart shaped lid. I transplanted it to a 5 in pot when I got home. This little pot was a mini bog garden already. It had many flowering stalks of Utricularia bisquamata, a small Drosera capensis, multiple baby Drosera binata, and some mystery rosette Drosera.

I got a Drosera spatulata, my first rosette sundew. It’s supposed to pretty easy to care for. It came with a ton of U. bisquamata flowers.

P. cyclosecta

I resisted ordering a P. cyclosecta before my vacation because I knew I was going to make a visit to California Carnivores. I totally beelined to the ping section to pick it up. It is quite small, but it’s okay, pings grow pretty quickly when they’re happy.

P. esseriana

P. esseriana was not on the california carnivores website and it wasn’t on the ping tray, but on a whim I just asked if they had one…and THEY DID. Yay! It also came with some mystery sundews.

Speaking of tiny pings, my P. laueana has made great progress since receiving it 2 months ago…


The pot also grew a nice plush carpet of moss.

At a local San Francisco garden center, Sloat Garden Center, and I found some carnivores there. I bought this cute little Utricularia sandersonii.

U. sandersonii

This guy is so cute.

When I got back to LA, I made a visit to the local Armstrong’s Garden center for some neem oil spray, and (un)fortunately, I saw a mystery nepenthes there…and then I bought it. I assume it’s a N. ventrata.


And lastly, a little update on the sarracenias…The mystery rhizome from my California carnivores order is finally showing some pitchers.


I wonder what it is. It probably has some S leucophylla in it. It also makes phyllodia, which S leucophylla does not make. I wonder what it is. Best guess so far is either, Judith Hindle or Dana’s Delight, of which the latter is sold at California Carnivores. We will have to see what the more mature pitchers look like!

I’ve learned that vacation is very dangerous for my wallet. And also window space in the house is very quickly dwindling as there were also some orchid and succulent purchases.

Any idea on what the mystery sarracenia is?