Botanic Garden Haul


I got a few items from the trip to the South Coast Botanic Gardens. The plants are apparently mostly donated from members. There are some interesting plants there not widely available, which was as surprising as how affordable they were. However, they could be in better shape. The succulents had a mild case of scale that I picked off of them.

botanic garden
Left: NOID Cym, Den Kingianum (purple flower); Upper Right: Haworthia cymbidiformis; Lower Right: Aloe deltoideodontata var fallax

I bought 2 succulents: Haworthia cymbidiformis and Aloe deltoideodontata var Fallax. I think I have a thing for windows. They were $5 a pot, which is not a bad price for these unusual finds. I don’t know what possessed me to do so, but tugged on the clump of Haworthia to see how firmly it was attached to the soil, and i turns out it wasn’t attached at all. I could lift the whole thing out off the soil. There were nice big rhizomes, but no good roots were noted. In addition to this dilemma, it was kind of a concave shape under the clump. I was a little confused about how to pot it, and in the end I mounded the soil up a little and pressed the clump firmly into it.

Haworthia cymbidiformis

When I went to repot the aloe, the roots were also in kind of bad shape and the aloe babies came apart easily. The lower leaves of the larger piece were a little soft, so I pulled them off. I wonder if it was over watered at some point. I think it will sit in more shade for a while until it can root properly.


As for the orchids, the Dendrobium kingianum was only $8, and it was a healthy specimen. There were plentiful roots. The only thing a little annoying is, one of the canes grew sideways and it makes this weird bend in the the pot before growing up right, and the canes grew in a way where the base were not in the same level, which made repotting kind of annoying.


Den kingianum

The NOID cymbidium is interesting because it’s quite petite and it has an interesting flower shape. It has a ton of back bulbs, but only a few with leaves on it, which is probably why it was only $12. The leaves also had some damage to them. Who knows when it was last repotted. I will repot it after the flowers are done. I don’t see any new growth starting yet.20160324_165212


I guess these are kind of rescues, right?



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