Monday Clinic Field Trip


Our clinic went on a group field trip for some team happiness building. We were disappointed our clinic leader wasn’t there because she got called away for less fun business. We missed you, Dr. Berkowitz! We went to the South Coast Botanic Gardens. It’s a good time of the year because the flowers are all starting to bloom, and it was a very nice day out.


Currently, they have a special Legos exhibit, so there were garden themed Lego sculptures around the park

Some spring flowers…



Of special interest, the succulent garden…



Overall, it was a fun time. Although it was disappointing that the greenhouse closed at 3, 2 hours before the gardens closed, so we didn’t get to go in. After you get past the front part of the garden, there are lots of paths, but it isn’t as vibrant. I also wish they would label more plants and have more learning stations.

However, something I really enjoyed while there was the gift shop/plant shop. I will talk about that in the next post. In a few weeks, they will be hosting a succulent show and sale, so I will be back then.

I heard the Huntington Gardens are awesome. Someday I will make it out there, but it’s kind of expensive…



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