I Hate Promix

NOID Lycaste hybrid

This weekend, our local Armstrong’s Garden Center had a new shipment of orchids. They had paphs, miltonias, zygos, dendrobium nobiles, giant cattlyas, and this beauty, NOID lycaste hydrid It’s a 4 bulb division and 2 new growths. The flower is a little beat up, but there’s one more bud waiting to bloom.

It was jammed into promix and the plastic pot was cracked because it was so root bound. So, I decided to repot ASAP. I hope the bud doesn’t blast…



OMG, I HATE PROMIX. It is soooo hard to get off the roots. I’m happy to see so many roots and new tips and so on, but man, was this a pain in the ass. I sprayed it down with the kitchen faucet…buckets later and trips down starts with muddy water, all of those roots were finally cleaned off.

I’m so bad, I took another trip back to the garden center and I discovered the Paphiopedilums, “bulldog hybrids” that I don’t have yet, tucked in next to the giant cattlyas. They were so sad. They were potted in what looked like mostly peat moss and dry as a bone. The blooms didn’t look great. I asked for a discount for a bloomless one (but has a new fan coming out) and they gave me 50% off

Luckily, Paphs don’t have a very extensive root system, so the peat moss came right off.

my new babies all potted up

Hopefully the bud will be okay. I potted both in kiwi bark mix (has perlite and small pieces of lava rock) and chopped sphagnum moss, and then topped with sphagnum.

Any good finds in unexpected places for you?


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