Succulent Updates

Senecio radicans

Things have been happening with succulents, but I’ve not gotten around to talk about them. So here’s a mish mash of stuff…

Lookit that cute Senecio radicans (string of bananas) flower. Senecio flowers are all very similar. It’s a bunch of small flowers and a surprising about of different colors. The plant has grown out of the pot already since I got it a few weeks ago.

Speaking of Senecios, I think I like them a lot. I purchased a trailing jade, Senecio jacobsenii, which is not a jade at all. It turns a very shade nice purple when it gets enough sun. I think I like the windows a lot of them have and the trailing quality. But then again, there’s Senecio stapeliformis, which sticks straight up.

Senecio jacobsenii
Senecio stapeliformis

The trailing jade will probably be repotted this weekend. At first I was surprised to find out the trailing jade was a senecio, but on one side of the leaves has a stereotypical Senecio window. Can you see it?





On other news, I found this Crassula mesenbryanthemoides invading the next pot over…shame on you.


My Haworthia truncata is putting up a really long flower stalk. It has actually no fallen over and started up again. But at the time I took the picture, it looked like this…


And lastly, I got some new cacti, and repotted them. That Opuntia microdasys alba was a vicious one. I only touched it lightly and I had like 20 teeny tiny thorns stuck to my finger. The other is a Chamaelobivia ‘Rose Quartz’ that is about to flower.



What are some genera of succulents that you like to collect?


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