Repotting Some Orchids


Sophronitis cernua


As I said in my SB Orchid show haul post, the roots looked a little questionable on the Sophronitis cernua I bought. And it was true; the roots that were in the pot were mostly dead, but there’s a few left, which is good. As Wade’s Greenhourse mentioned, they are supposed to do better mounted, so I decided to mount this one on a piece of wood. It has been a few days and an eye on the largest grown seems to be swelling a little…or maybe I’m just imagining it. My husband was excited to use his new rotary tool to drill the hole into the wood.


Also this week, I decided to repot my Phaleanopsis Samera (Phal violacea x Phal bellina). I got it from Hausermann’s, and it came with a larger plant and two smaller ones in a 3 in pot. I wanted to repot it because the large plant was shading one of the smaller ones.



Unlike the sophronitis, the roots were excellent on the Phals. Upon inspection, they were all growing new root tips. Hausermann’s always has super healthy plants, and they are pretty affordable.

Here are the finished products…

The smallest baby was mounted. This is the one that was shaded.
Group shot of the Phal Sameras

I guess we will see which ones will do best!



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