Quick Aquarium Update

Bucephalandra Dark Centipede in bloom

First of all, my Buce. Dark Centipede is in bloom. This was mentioned in an earlier post. It’s kind of a weird asymmetrical thing, and it only lasted a couple days, but beautiful anyway.

Secondly, I found my first baby crystal shrimp, probably a Golden Bee x Crystal Black.

Can you find him?? Yes that is a new peice of Buce Brownie Selena sulking….

I thought they had all been eaten because I know multiple shrimp have been berried, and then unberried a month later, and I’ve not spotted any little ones. This guy is probably a safe size from the fish I have in there now. Hopefully we will see more of them appear.

I think all of my Carbon Rilis are females, because all of them are huge, and I’m not seeing anyone berried…lame luck.

How successful are you with your dwarf shrimp in with fish?


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