Santa Barbara Orchid Show Haul


The Santa Barbara Orchid show was my first big orchid show, and I had some things I had in mind going in. I have to say, I found many of them. For one thing, I wanted potting supplies…why is it so hard to to find not only orchid pots locally, but square pots? WHY DO WE NOT HAVE SQUARE POTS AROUND HERE?? and of course, the elusive sphagnum moss that doesn’t have sticks inside of it. I got these from Calwest Tropical Supplies. Prices were reasonable, I spent about 15 bucks.

As for orchids, I was looking for an Australian Dendrobium. I knew they would be around as it’s blooming season and Sunset Vally Orchids was going to be there. Indeed, they did have them, but as I was looking around, there were so many Latouria Dendrobiums around! And when I saw this guy, I couldn’t put him down…


Dendrobium Antennatum! Since I got this guy, I passed on the Aussie den. I will get one next time.

Another I was looking for was a Sophronitis, and I found a Sophronitis cernua. I love the orange flowers. I am a little concerned with the lack of new growth and new roots. Currently it is home to a teeny tiny spider…strange. I think I will need to mount him soon…now to find a cedar shingle…

Sophronitis cernua

The flowers look like this.

I was also looking for a Lycate. There were some seedlings available for $30, which was like O_O to me, and a year or 2 from blooming. There were also a lot of pink lycaste hybrids, which I wasn’t really into. I did see a Lycaste Skinneri hybrid, which I should have just gotten, and now I regret it. Instead, I got this Lycaste Macrobulbon from Ecuagenera, it was bear root for $15.

Lycaste macrobulbon

Unfortunately, the roots were all not very viable. i potted it in a kiwi bark mix with sphagnum on top. It’s held in place with a bamboo spike and a twisty tie. Hopefully it will root soon from the new growth. The bulbs look quite healthy.

The flowers look like this

I was not necessarily looking for this next one, but I had some interest. I was ecstatic to find a reasonably priced Sedirea (Phaleanopsis) japonica at the Seed Engei booth. They had spiking ones for $25 and on the cusp of blooming size ones for $12. However, she had the super compact variety, Minmaru, for $15.

Apparently, vegetative growth is compact, spikes are short, but flowers are the exact same shape and size. Interesting…

From what I know from other Phals, though, I wasn’t comfortable keeping it in compact sphagnum moss, so I repotted it in bark with sphagnum on top.

Sedirea (Phaleanopsis) japonica

Flowers look like this.

Also at Seed Engei, there was a variety of Dendrobium moniliforme and Neofinetia falcata, as well as neofinetia plastic and hand painted pots. I was looking for a Neofinetia pot for the Neofinetia I already had, var. Kishuu Ryokuhou, that was in a square pot. The flowers start out greenish, but turn white as they age. It is a very rich coconuty scent. The pot was only $2.

And then I couldn’t help myself, and got this guy also, which I also repotted. Neofinetia falcata var kinroukaku. It has yellowish to green leaves and have a very upright appereance.

Neofinetia falcata var Kinroukaku


Potting the Neofinetia falcata

Astrid on YouTube mentioned that they actually do better with an airy mix according to a lecture done by New World Orchids despite how they are traditionally potted. I wanted the traditional look, so I potted with bark, but I raised the orchid up with large pieces of bark, and wrapped sphagnum around it. Now it looks like it’s mounded with sphag on the outside, but totally airy on the inside!

Last but not least, I’ve been dreaming about a Coelogyne cristata, since seeing Orchid Girl’s video and seeing a big basket of it at the Andy’s Orchids booth last time. But the one I saw last time was a specimen size that was over $100…

THIS TIME, he had baskets of good size plants for $30, and they were in flower!


Worth mentioning is I was also specifically looking for a Ludisia discolor. I saw one vendor with big pots of them for around $30. I don’t have a lot of space, and I didn’t want to pay that much, so passed this time. Maybe next time I order from Hausermann’s, I will get one…

It turned out all the plants I purchased were species orchids this time. I didn’t mean to, but it just happened. Am I becoming a snob??


Did you want find what you wanted on your last orchid show?




4 thoughts on “Santa Barbara Orchid Show Haul

    1. Yeah, the Coelogyne is very pretty, and even when not blooming, the pseudobulbs are extra cute. They look like a bunch of eggs in a basket. My indoor grow space is definitely becoming more and more crowded. If you ever visit LA, you are always welcome to visit!


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