Some people just can’t help themselves


I don’t know why, but while at the garden center, I bought a little snail that hangs over pots. It looked so cute, even though we don’t like most real ones in the garden. Ironically, when I’m stooped below it working on something, and I catch a glimpse of it, it scare the poop out of me until I register what it is.

Crassula mesenbryanthemoides

Isn’t this little guy cute? He has the longest name ever. I bought him last week.

Top left: mystery Stapelia; Middle Left: Jellybean plant (Sedum rubrotinctum); Bottome Left: mystery plant; Top right: mystery sempervivum?; middle RIght: mystery catus (opuntia?); Bottom Right: Senecio stapeliformis

I bought the above plants this weekend…I know, it was a little overboard, but some of them I have always wanted, some were interesting, some were just darn cute. The stapelia is a little furry, any idea what it might be? Help with ID with any of the mystery plants would be appreciated.

repotting time

Some of the soil was a little disturbing, so I was eager to repot. The senecio stapeliformis had suspicious (and gross) looking orange eggs on top of the soil…


I got a lot of mystery plants today, any idea what they are?


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