aquatic acquisitions

12g Long 2/28/16

It was an exciting few days. My aquariums haven’t seen additions in a while…not surprising, seeing how it is quite full of fish and plants. However, sometimes there’s just something irresistible at the LFS.

Cryptocoryne sp. “Flamingo” There are some things that one thinks

German tissue cultures recently arrived at my LFS, which included some popular plants like UG  and montecarlo. It’s hard to get excited by it when you own low tech tanks…but I should be able to keep a Crypt alive right? The plants come in a little hospital jello cup. You can loosen the agar in some water and plant it right up. The Crypt Flamingo seems to be a solid clump, but other plants should be much easier to separate. In fact, the instruction just tells you to cut up the mass of plants to the portions you want. Can you spot the little pink plant in the 12g?

Emerald Dwarf Rasbora (Celestichthys erythromicron) still in LFS bag

The LFS also had Emerald Dwarf Rasboras (actually a Danio) hinding in with the celetrial pearl danio and the price wasn’t even on the tank yet. But due to my propensity to stare very closely at fish, I totally spotted them, and then I had to get them. They were a little expensive, but when are you going to ever see more, right????

Anyway, I took them home, and it turns out they are super fun to watch. They colored up and adjusted quickly. They are pretty aggressive eaters compared to their new tank mates, CPDs and dwarf corydoras. The cherry shrimp can be jerks though. It seems they like to swim around lower and with more of a wiggle than CPDs. They are about the same size, and share a giant mass of moss surrounding a sad Japanese temple ornament with no issues.

With that said, I had gotten 3, but I went back and got a couple more before they were spotted by other people.

If I had a bigger tank, I would have totally snatched up some celebes rainbows too. Those guys were purty.

Anything new lately at your local fish store that  you couldn’t pass up?



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