Weekend projects: repotting Dendrobium kingianum (cross?)

Dendrobium kingianum (cross?) in bloom

Some weeks ago, I got this plant at Orchid Fever in Culver City. Unfortunately it didn’t come with a tag, which is a shame. I am kind of hoping that it is a cross because it will probably bloom more easily next year. Dendrobium kingianum is notoriously hard to rebloom. I asked the lady there why there aren’t tags, and she said the supplier refuses to because it’s extra cost. Lame. They think it’s lame too.

Well it finished blooming. It smelled wonderful while it lasted, very sweet floral smell. It was potted in pro-mix and the new growth was starting to root, so I decided to repot it this weekend.

I hate promix.

I loosened most of the promix in a bucket of water, and because the roots have grown in so close together, a lot of it was stuck at the top. I had spray it at the sink in the kitchen with a bucket underneath as I don’t have access to a hose outside. I then potted it up in fine-ish kiwi bark with perlite that I bought at SVO during their open house and some sphagnum moss on top. Unfortunately I didn’t think there would be this many roots, so I wasn’t really able to upsize the pot very much. The new pot is sightly wider, but it still fits in the decorative pot.



new growth! There are four of them. 

I will let it recover indoors for a while and then I will put it outside, now that I have a shade cloth up.


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