Weekend events: Newport Harbor Orchid Society show

Andy’s Orchids booth

Last weekend was the Newport Harbor Orchid Society show. It was small with 14 vendors. Both of the large orchid nurseries I like in the area were there, Andy’s Orchids and Sunset Valley Orchids. Andy’s orchids is a nursery specializing in species orchids and mounted orchids are their thing…unless their terrestrial of course. He has a nice YoutTube video of his green house, which you can visit with an appointment. They also have a open house coming up next month. Sunset Valley Orchids does a lot of breeding of Cattlyas, Catasetums, Australian dendrobiums and sarcochilus. A couple months ago, I went to the SVO open house, which was awesome. So much easier to drive half hour compared to 2 hours!

Look at those Australian den!
As you can see, the show was in a mall

The Vietnamese Bonsai society was also there with a display. There were some very impressive bonsai.

Vietnamese Bonsai Society

Why would one go to an orchid show? Buy stuff, of course. I was looking forward to getting some orchid pots, but I didn’t find any at the show. Sad. But I did buy some orchids!

left: Slc Pure Love ‘Be Mine’ HCC/AOS x Lc Spring Fives ‘Linette’ #3 (SVO) ; middle: Tolumnia urophylla (Andy’s); right: Masdevalia floribunda (Andy’s)

The first is a SVO hybrid compact Cattlya. The sample flower at the show was a orangey red. It has a new growth that’s about to mature and there is another eye that’s starting to swell. SVO always has really healthy seedlings! It is definitely blooming size as there is already a spent spike. The second is a Tolumia urophylla. It was part of Andy’s bare root deal that he’s been having online. I was so tempted to order, but I refrained. I scored it without shipping, yay! $6! The roots are quite plentiful; I ended up mounting it. It was a little dehydrated, but the leaves fattened up with diligent watering the first few days. The last is Masdevallia floribunda which is heat tolerant, which is important, leaving in Southern California without AC. The lady there said this was the easiest Masdevallia species to grow.

There were so many others that I was tempted to buy, but I’m saving my money for the Santa Barbara show coming up next month 🙂

What shows have you been attending lately?


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