Weekend Succulents

blooming Echeveria ‘Lola’

Unfortunately the Haworthia truncata I got a few weeks ago did not like the sun it got outdoors when i put it out. It only took 2 days to make it mushy O_O, and I did not catch it on time. It was my mistake that I didn’t acclimate appropriately. I brought it indoors to recover, but it was too late. I saved some babies and planted it in a small pot. The Haworthia coarcta is fine. So of course, I had to go back to the garden center to get another one….and of course, you can’t leave with only one.

Top: new Ikea Satsuma plant stand; bottom left: Haworthia truncata, Haworthia retusa, Echeveria ‘topsy turvy’; Kalanchoe eriophylla ‘snow bunny’; bottom right: mystery Haworthia.

Another victim of the sun is my giant cattlya. Sunburn is the final diagnosis. I hid it in the shade, but honestly i don’t have very much shade to use under the stairs on the south side of building. The shady parts are automatically watered by sprinklers by the owner of the building. Between this and the sad Haworthia, I wanted to find some shelter for some plants. And plus, I was running out of room. I made a trip to Ikea and got a plant stand. I didn’t escape without buying a giant Haworthia. I am thinking of adding a shade cloth to shade the shelf as I am planning to put some orchids out there eventually.

Does anyone know what kind of Haworthia the above is? It is 3.5 in across.


7 thoughts on “Weekend Succulents

  1. It looks like a haworthia cooperi. Not the cooperi truncata variety but a plain cooperi. That and cymbiformis are similar, cooperi tends to have longer skinnier leaves.


    1. hmm…it has a flat top thought, not a rounded top. Is H cooperi leaves usually that big? It is certainly much bigger than the H retusa than I got from the garden center.


  2. I believe they can be with age and good conditions. Not sure about the flat top though. There are so many haworthias it can be tricky to ID, coming from a nursery it’s probably nothing too extravagant. However your nursery also has truncata so maybe….


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