weekend succulent projects continued…

Hawarthia truncata

I bought Haworthia truncata last weekend a Sunflower Farms in Gardena, California. As I said in the last succulent post, I was forced–yes, forced–to go to the garden center to get more plants matter for the container I was planting, I also got this Haworthia coarctata.


Top Left: paper towel to stop dirt from coming out the bottom; Top Right: 60/40 estimate of perlite and succulent mix; Bottom Left: Haworthia truncata and coarctata; Bottom Right: Haworthia Roots!

I potted the Haworthias up together with a very well draining mix. I also added some clay beads at the bottom for better drainage. As I said before, unglazed pots will save them from my watering habits…and if I forget, they won’t care that much. Look at the babies!


A good tutorial on repotting Haworthia is this youtube video by Desert Plants of Avalon. She was my first real inspiration to start planting succulents 🙂 I love watching people on youtube who really love their plants for what they are, and not because it’s trendy.


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