weekend succulent projects

Do you ever find yourself going into a hardware store for something random (like a rotary tool on sale this weekend) and come out with a bunch of PLANTS???

Thanks Lowe’s.

top right: Cotyledon ladismithiensis (Bear Claw); bottom right: Anacampseros telephiastrum variegata; Left: Crassula argentea “Gollum”

I also got a 6 in clay pot without glaze. The first planter I planted is a decorative plastic planter, which is nice because it is light, but I found that it retained water too much. By chance, my next one was in a clay pot, and the medium dried out nice and fast. I am a heavy handed waterer, and I like to be on a schedule, my own schedule, so now I make a conscious decision to get clay ones.

hmm…something is missing….

Of course, I was slightly short on plant matter, and it was bothering me, so I go out to my garden center to look around…20160207_170537

I found a Echeveria setosa ‘arrow shaped’ that echoed the pink nicely. It’s also furry like the bear claws. We will see how it will turn out as it matures.

What have you been accidentally buying lately?


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