the making of my wedding dress PART I: looking for inspiration

I’m not sure what I was thinking when I decided to make my own wedding dress. I had only been sewing clothes for a year. I had just sewn a few winter coats over a particularly bad winter in the midwest, so I must have been feeling just full of myself.

Anyway, I decided to do it. I looked all over the internet to see how other people did it, but there actually wasn’t too many stories online, but what was out there was extremely helpful. So now I’m sharing my experience with some sewist out there who’s not sure of her/himself, but is too committed to back down.

The first thing to do is, of course, decide what you/some other bride will want wear.

Left and left bottom: Christos; upper left: J crew ; upper right: Veronica Sheaffer; Lower Left: Inside Weddings Magazine 3/2014

I looked on the internet. I bought a bridal magazine with all the new runway styles. I thought about what would look nice on me. If I were a more diligent bride to be, I would have gone to boutiques to try on different styles, which would have been a good idea. It’s good to know what styles will look good on you, not someone else

Some things I decided I wanted was a lace overlay bodice and sleeves. My small breasts would probably look best in a sweet heart neckline. I liked the scallops showing at the neck line and at the end of the sleeves. I like the peek-a-boo open back. And I REALLY wanted a soft chiffon-y slightly full, but not in your faces skirt.

Of course, while thinking of these things, THINK ABOUT YOUR SEWING CAPABILITIES! My dream dress, if I could spend what ever I wanted, would have been a Vera Wang dress…I studied medicine, not fashion. There was no way I could have made giant chiffon roses on my skirt and not have it look crazy. I am not saying “don’t push yourself,” but it will save you a lot of tears (and money) if you think about this before hand.


2 thoughts on “the making of my wedding dress PART I: looking for inspiration

  1. Thank you! I will have the actual dress on a future post 🙂 I just had my wedding a few months ago, and I started the thinking process one and a half years before the event,


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